Altar Servers & Lectors

We are always in need of more altar servers and lectors. If you wish to volunteer, please contact Fr. Cantrell.

Coffee Hour

Coffee hour is always a time of great fellowship after Sunday Mass. It is often also a time for catechesis (Adult Forum).

Every Sunday we need two volunteers to host coffee hour. You may sign up in-person at the church or by sending an email to Leslie (coffeecoord AT gmail DOT com).


Since the church is God's house, we should clean it ourselves as a tangible offering to Him. An offering of menial service, but still a spiritual as well as a material offering of ourselves, our souls and bodies. To do it with our own hands is different from paying someone else to do it. There is grace in the service. If we do it as an offering to our beloved Jesus, wanting His house to be clean because we care about Him, then it will bear fruit in our souls. It will foster His love within our hearts, as it is an act of love.

There are weekly and monthly cleaning tasks available. The weekly tasks are cleaning and straightening up the church and coffee hour room (details in the "Guidelines" link below) and should take approximately 15-20 minutes of each volunteer's time. The monthly cleaning is more thorough and takes longer; we usually do the monthly cleaning on a Saturday morning after Mass.

You may sign up in-person at the church or by sending an email to Leslie (coffeecoord AT gmail DOT com).

- Weekly church cleaning guidelines
- Weekly coffee hour room cleaning guidelines

Aid for Friends - Breakfast Bag Program

We assemble “breakfast bags” for Aid for Friends, a meal delivery program that feeds the elderly and homebound in the Philadelphia area. What is unique about Aid for Friends is that volunteers not only deliver the food but also stay to provide companionship.

The food collection is ongoing. Please see the guidelines below for donation suggestions. Items should be placed in the green storage bin in the coffee hour room. We assemble the bags on the last Sunday of the month if you would like to help with that as well. Please see Gina Royce with any questions.

- Donation guidelines

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